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Think Like Your Kid’s Life Depended on It


MOMS is an all-volunteer, non-profit family foundation of thinkers and teachers dedicated to changing our world so that it better serves mothers with young children. We give money to the most cost-effective agencies advancing this goal, and ideas to all who will consider them. We ask nothing in return except that everyone join our campaign to make our world better serve mothers with young children. Young children are the future, and mothers can make them what we all need them to be: Honest, kind, humble, and healthy. That’s what they must be for the human to have any future. But most mothers do not raise their children to be fit because they are distracted either by poverty or affluence. Poor mothers obsess over necessities. Rich mothers, and rich people in general, don’t care. The result is growing economic disparity, and a growing population of unfit youth. The vast majority of American high school and college students, for instance, freely admit to cheating. Some 80% of them are mentally or physically unfit. This is the problem MOMS seeks to solve by inspiring us all to care for all children. And this requires that we ensure all necessities for poor mothers and instill empathy in rich ones, and in rich people in general. 

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 Fix the World:

“We can’t heal the world today but we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, an act of kindness.”


– Mary Davis



Doug Dix, Ph.D. (biochemistry, SUNY at Buffalo) with four-years of postdoctoral work in cancer pharmacology at Yale is Emeritus Professor at the University of Hartford. For 40 years, he was a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, the co-principal investigator, with Rosie Cohen, below, on almost a million dollars in grants to enhance science literacy among poor kids and moms in Hartford from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the Department of Health and Human Services, NASA, the State of Connecticut, and the City of Hartford, and is the author of some 60 papers in scientific journals and several books on empowering the American Renaissance. Doug is Secretary/Treasurer of MOMS.

Rosenbloom Cohen, MS (education, Southern Connecticut State College), Ph.D. (biochemistry, SUNY at Buffalo) and a year of postdoctoral work in medicine at Yale is a retired assistant professor and elementary school teacher and was co-principal investigator with Doug on the above grants. She is the principal author of “Rejuvenating Judaism: The Case for Evidence-Based Practice” and President of MOMS, and mother of seven children and grandmother of thirteen. 



Benjamin Dix has a BA in music education, an MS in special education, and a sixth-year certificate from University of Hartford. He is a veteran and sought-after public school administrator and a concert solo pianist.


Samuel Dix has a BS in earth science and MS in special education from Southern Connecticut State University. He is a senior public school science teacher, a youth sports coach, a veteran summer camp director, and a Certified Maine Guide.


Joseph Dix, JD, (Western New England College School of Law), attorney and father of three.

Sharon Dix, BA in illustration (Central Connecticut State University), mother of three, and expert home school teacher.

Naomi Dix, home health care professional and compassion expert.


We who have all our necessities must learn to want less, give more, and leave more alone.
Enough really is enough.

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