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 Fix the World:

Image by Candice Seplow

8 Weeks for a better world

Created and taught by Doug Dix, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, University of Hartford, and Secretary/Treasurer, MOMS: The Fund for Mothers with Young Children, (

Eight 2hr. sessions via Zoom

Every Monday 7:00PM-9:00PM

Running: 9/30/24 - 11/18/24


  • Promote the lifestyle, which, if adequately replicated, would make the world safer, healthier, and fairer for all children, and

  • Replicate this course, or some version of it, at your home facility.

Free of charge with a $150 honorarium for perfect participation


To be eligible for this seminar, applicants must currently serve as full-time college faculty, public or private school administrators, business chief executives, government leaders, or congregation-leading clergy. Ten spots are available.


To apply: Submit proof of current employment, a recommendation from a colleague, your resume, and an essay of 700 words or less on:

a) why you want to take this course

b) how you plan to fulfill objectives


Submit to Doug Dix at Put “MOMS Course” in the subject space. If you don’t hear back in a few days, please resend. Applications will be accepted from now until August 20, 2024, or until all positions are filled

Tentative Topics We'll Cover

  • What do you want? Why do you want it? What’s your plan to get it? How’s your plan working so far? How can I help?

  • The state of the world

  • What does it mean to be an educated person?

  • Fighting Hunger

  • Fighting Poverty

  • Ensuring Universal Primary Education

  • Promoting Female Empowerment

  • Fighting Preventable Childhood Diseases

  • Protecting Mothers and Children

  • Fighting Infectious Diseases

  • Protecting Human Habitat

  • Cultivating a Global Partnership for Development

  • Promoting Public Health by International Triage

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Review and Conclusion

Request: Participants are free to do as they please with their honoraria. But it would be useful to MOMS, for evaluative purposes, to know how the honoraria are spent. So, each recipient is asked to notify MOMS of how the honorarium was spent, and whether or not seminar objectives were fulfilled and how. Thanks for considering this request.

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