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Forests are shrinking, topsoil is eroding, deserts are expanding, coral reefs are dying, the oceans are dying, glaciers are melting, fresh water is growing scarce, and plants and animals are racing to extinction at record rates, all while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, our kids get fatter, and plastic takes over the world. And we’re running out of time. Unity College is about coming together to fix this catastrophe. It’s totally online, confers no degrees, is free of charge, and all are welcome. The curriculum consists of online discussion/debate about the episodes on podcast, “Fix the World’” by Doug Dix. Assignments are to 1) take less, 2) give more, and 3) leave more alone. The faculty offer inspiration, criticism, and advice, but do not assign grades. The reward for completing the assignments is a better world, and personal gratitude for having played a role in that process.  

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