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Fix the World Review Answers

Bright planet earth as seen from outer space
Earth as seen from outer space

Podcast Fix the World, Episode 13, Review Answers

Episode 1

1. Ignore it, or fix it

2. Fix it

3. Take less, give more, and leave more alone

4. We’re entitled to comfort

5. No, the infantile dream conditions our expectations throughout life.

6. We feel entitled to comfort

7. Make a better dream

8. Crave sacrifice more than comfort, work more than leisure, giving more than getting, and gratitude more than satisfaction.

9. The richest 10% own 80% of everything. The poorest 50% own 1% of everything

10. Donating

11. $9million/day = $3.3billion/year

12. $12billion/year

13. Freedom, justice, health, and peace for all

Episode 2

14. To be happy

15. When people you love are suffering, you don’t want to be happy. You should love everyone.

16. Yes

17. To feel as another does

18. Yes

19. Only by ignoring the ones who suffer

20. Ignore the ones who suffer

21. Empathy

22. More than $7,464billion/year

23. $5.50/day

24. Yes


Episode 3

25. To know what is more important and what is less so, and to live accordingly.

26. Perhaps inversely.

27. That which is most important, which is, perhaps, that which does the most good for the most people.

28. Achieve fully the UN Millennium Development Goals

29. It was the unanimous will of the world’s people as represented in the UN General Assembly in 2000.

30. They haven’t been taught in school, college, church, synagogue, or home

31. Teach the MDG

Episode 4

32. Ending hunger because the world has an abundance of food.

33. Some people eat more than their fair share

34. No

35. No

36. It provides more than enough calories and protein for everyone

37. $240 million/year

38. They eat animals that eat grain

39. It predisposes to cruelty, and eco-destruction

40. It produces greenhouse gas and solid waste, while consuming large quantities of water and antibiotics.

41. It predisposes to heart disease and the common cancers and, now, some infections.

42. Alcoholic drinks are not only unnecessary, but downright harmful. Converting corn to fuel alcohol is a losing proposition,

Episode 5

43. $87,000

44. $5.50/day = $2,000/year

45. No

46. 80%

47. 1%

48. Not taking more than our fair share

49. No one can take much more than they need

50. Luck

51. The rich must give their extra to the poor, and the poor must not crave more than their fair share

52. Teaching from preschool on

Episode 6

53. 80%

54. No, it’s worse

55. Education might be the cause of the world’s problems

56. No

57. Priority, knowing what is more important and what is less so, and living accordingly

58. What isn’t important

59. Honesty

60. To know what is more important and what is less so, and to live accordingly

61. Yes

62. The ability or desire to work hard is determined by genes and environment and these are acquired by luck

63. No

63 Because true self is the same for all and true gravity is the same for all

64. Because all are equal in worth

65. Desire or want

66. Love

67. Neither love nor freedom, the ability to do what you want, is taught in school or college

68. Freedom is doing what you want

69. No

70. Competition, do better than your neighbor and you’ll earn a better reward

Episode 7

71. Gender equality is the cause of world problems

72. No

73. Males

74. Females

75. Female traits

76. Female empowerment

77. Female headed households and a moratorium on men in power

Episode 8

78. Yes

79. Even to tolerate unnecessary child deaths indicates perverted priority. Anything less than total elimination of unnecessary child deaths is unacceptable and non-viable

80. Malnutrition

81. Growth monitoring, Oral rehydration therapy, Breast feeding, Immunization

82. $2.15/person/day

83. $1000/at-risk kid/year or $2.5billion/year total

84. Tiger earned this playing golf. Michael earned more playing basketball.

85. $32billion

86. Almost $500billion

87. Administrator choices on how to spend money. Administrator ignorance of priority

Episode 9

88. $264billion spent over 10 years

89. Sex, and the fear of being alone.

90. Deception

91. Honesty

92. No, most high school and college students admit to cheating

93. Yes

94. 50%

95. Fear of abandonment

96. It’s not consensual, so, yes.

97. Yes

98. Minimum age for marriage, and meaningful pre-nup

Episode 10

99. Cardio = 20million, cancer = 10million, hunger = 10million, infection = 8million

100. Victims of cardio and cancer tend to be rich. Victims of hunger and infection tend to be poor

101. Vaccination, hand washing, safe water, and sanitation

102. For every dollar spent on safe water and sanitation, four dollars are saved in health care costs

103. When tap water is safe, bottled water is unnecessary and eco-destructive. In addition, toxins may leach into the water.

104. Over use and misuse of antibiotics cultivates resistance in all germs

105. They’re overcrowded, taking and excreting antibiotics, and spawning pandemics

106. The make life miserable for a billion people but are easily cured and prevented.

107. Air transport takes on germs in Calcutta and let’s them off in New York, etc.

Episode 11

108. Lack of priority

109. End hunger

110. It was first among the MDG

111. End hunger and poverty. Hungry or poor people can’t care about the eco-system

112. Taking more than your fair share, or, simply, greed

113. Take less, give more, and leave more alone

114. Stop eating meat, fish, and dairy

Episode 12

115. It’s increased

116. It’s gotten worse

117. College education might be the cause of the world’s problems

118. Selfishness and greed

119. Selfishness and greed

120. Replace competition with collaboration, greed with compassion, apathy with activism, and love of money with honesty, humility, and kindness

121. Most high school and college students freely admit to cheating

122. Competitively. Each strives to outdo the others, at least in some niche.

123. Unity College, where everyone is welcome as equal in worth

124. Austerity, Charity, and Truth

125. To fix the world by fostering freedom, justice, health, and peace for all

126. Build the family we all belong to, treat others as self, don’t take extra before everyone has enough, be active, not apathetic, love truth above all

127. The podcast, Fix the World

128. Take less, give more, and leave more alone

129. A better world

130. Everyone is welcome at no cost

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